The Rules

2017 Rules

Last updated: February 24, 2017

A. Licensing / Insurance / Maritime Rules

A1. All anglers must have a current Ontario Sports Fishing license or be age-exempted.

A2. Members’ boats must be insured and have liability coverage, a copy of which must be provided on or before the day of the first tournament.

A3. Each angler and boat owner must sign a waiver of liability for the club and its members.

A4. Life jackets must be worn while under sustained (more than idling short distances) power of the main motor.

A5. No wake zones and all other maritime rules must be obeyed. The entrance into MacLaren’s Bay (Ottawa East), as well as from the Hwy 17 bridge into Mud Lake (Muskrat Lake) are NO WAKE ZONES for BAA events.

A6. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on boats.


B. Fees

B1. Fees are $500 for the season, which includes all regular season events, the Classic, and Big Fish pool for all events.

B2. Failing to pay the full fees by the time specified by BAA Executives will result in potential replacement by a team on the waiting list, if applicable.


C. Payouts

C1. Prize money for each event will be based on total fee revenue minus expenses, divided by 8 days, recognizing that the Classic is a two-day event.

C2. Payouts for regular season events will be determined upon final registration numbers.

C3. Payouts for the Classic will be determined upon final registration numbers. The Classic is a single event.

C4. In case of a tie, the prize money will be divided equally between the teams tied. In case of a tie between cash and prizing places – a coin toss administered by the Executive shall determine which team receives cash vs prizing.


D. Big Fish Pool

D1. A $10 per team per tournament big fish pool for regular season events and each day of the Classic, is included in the Fees. Payouts will be determined upon final registration numbers. The Classic will pay separate Big Fish prizes per day.

D2. Big Fish and 2nd Big Fish for the day is based upon official Weigh Master weights.


E. Pre-Fishing

E1. Pre-fishing the tournament lake is prohibited twelve hours prior to the tournament start time. (i.e.: After 7pm of the day prior).


F. Inspections and Equipment, General Rules

F1. There will be a boat inspection at the beginning of each event, between the hours of 5:45am and 6:45am. Have your life jacket on and your partners on his seat, have your live wells open and running, and please show your kill switch cord. Once the inspection is done, your partner should have parked the tow vehicle. Meet your partner at the dock AFTER the inspection is done.

F2. Functioning live wells (or equivalent) are mandatory.

F3. No live bait is allowed. Only artificial baits or pork rinds are permitted.

F4. Landing nets are permitted.

F6. Boats must be in the water no later than 6:45am. Any later, and you forfeit your blast-off to the last position for that event.

F7. Teams that launch after 7am will be required to find the blast off boat, or an Executive boat to do their live-well, equipment, and kill-switch check prior to fishing.

F8. Teams may only have five (5) fish on board while under sustained power of the main motor during all events. Your largest bass will be thrown back by club Executives if caught with more than 5 bass under sustained power of the main motor, until you are at your 5 bass limit.

F9. Tournament officials are allowed on your boat at any time during the tournament for the purpose of ensuring compliance with these rules.

F10. Competitors may not transfer fish or tackle between boats during tournament hours.

F11. A boat may not come to shore during the tournament except for thunderstorms or washroom duties. (Private property rights must be respected.)

F12. Boats must maintain a respectful distance from other teams. Do not cut in front of another teams’ path.


G. Tournament Hours

G1. Tournament hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on regular events and the first day of the Classic, and 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the second day of the Classic.

G2. Anglers must calibrate their watches with that of the Blast-off Coordinator.

G3. In the event of heavy fog, the tournament will be delayed until visibility returns to a safe level. The event end time will not be extended.


H. Blast-off

H1. Morning blast-off at regular events will be determined as follows and order indicated on the morning announcement sheets:

Event 1: Random draw for blast-off order

Event 2-6: Reverse order of Team Of The Year standings.

Boats will leave single-file, staggered as instructed by the Blast-Off Coordinator.

H2. Blast-off for the Classic will be in order of ‘Team of the Year’ standings with the Team of the Year taking off first, second place taking off second, etc. This may be done in groups at the discretion of the Executive.

H3. Weigh Master and Docking Coordinator may blast off in regular and Classic events any time after 6:45 recognizing they will return 15 minutes early to set up weigh-in. Weigh Master must check-in with Docking Coordinator 15 minutes prior to the end of the event.

H4. Blast-off Coordinator boat is permitted to return to the weigh-in 10 minutes after the posted check-in time (4:10pm / 3:10pm Classic-Day-2).


I. Weigh-In and Penalties

I1. All teams must be checked-in with the Docking Coordinator, at the docks, by the end of each tournament. Each team will be assigned a weigh-in number upon their arrival and must remain AWAY from the dock(s) until your number is called. Do NOT remove fish from live well until your number is called.

I2. One pound per minute will be deducted for each minute that a team is late returning to dock.

I3. A 12-inch minimum length is required (from tip to tip). Any fish weighed-in under 12” will not count towards total weight for the day.

I4. Up to five (5) fish (largemouth or smallmouth bass only) can be weighed in for each daily event.

I5. There will be a ½ pound penalty for each dead fish. A fish must be alive (able to swim away at release) to qualify for the Big Fish Prize or avoid the penalty. You will have five minutes to revive a failing fish. A member of another team must observe. Please notify the Docking Boat upon check-in if you have a failing fish. You may be given weigh-in priority and assistance in reviving the fish. Dead fish are to remain in the possession of the team. MNR rules are to be followed.

I6. Teams may weigh two fish for Big Fish prizing, but only one fish per team will qualify for a Big Fish prize at each event.

I7. The Weigh Master has total and final authority over the entire weigh-in procedure.

I8. Teams must release fish at least 100 yards away from the weigh-in site and must drop off their partner with weigh bag, when called, and then move away from the dock to allow access to other teams before picking up the partner when he/she returns to the dock.


J. Teams and Substitutions

J1. Teams competing in the previous year will be provided first right to join. We reserve the right to cap the number of entries for the season.

J3. At least one of the regular team members will be required to fish any of the regular season events.

J4. Substitutions: Unlimited for Regular Season Events, but only two different substitute people will be permitted in any given season for a team. The Classic will not have substitute anglers – anglers for the Classic must be named on the initial registration sheet.


K. Team of the Year and Big Fish Recognition

K1. Title of “Team of the Year” will be based on the total weight of each teams’ best 5 events (i.e.: drop the single lowest weight).

K2. “Big Fish” recognition will be based on the biggest single-fish weight for the regular season.


L. Tournament Waters

L1. The Club Executive will determine regular season and Classic waters for the following year, taking into account Club Member preferences, the potential for overfishing of particular waters and rotation away from at least one or two waters fished the previous year. In addition, every effort will be made to avoid conflict with waters to be fished by other clubs and series’.

L2. Use of locks/locking to other areas of a body of water is NOT PERMITTED. It goes against MNR rules for transporting fish.


M. Code of Conduct

M1. Club members will obey all rules of the BAA, MNR, and other maritime rules. Pre-fishing bass out-of-season (poaching) is grounds for disqualification without refund of fees. We are visible resource stewards in Eastern Ontario, and will not accept this from our Club members.

M2. Club Members will at all times conduct themselves civilly, with common courtesy and respect.

M3. Club members are encouraged to take up any issues they may have with other members privately before filing formal complaints with an Executive.

M4. Intimidating, threatening or slanderous/libellous behaviour or comments will be grounds for immediate disqualification from a particular event or from BAA, at the majority decision of the Executive. There will be NO refund of fees for any action resulting in disqualification from BAA.

M5. Infractions of these rules will be subject to a formal protest for review by the BAA Executive – see rule M6 below. If a member of the Executive is a subject of complaints then that member will be excluded from the process. BAA Executives do not require a formal protest to enforce penalty on an infraction.

M6. A process to file a formal protest will be implemented for the 2017 season. A $50 cash deposit will be required from anyone wishing to do so. BAA will issue a protest sheet to the protesting team which must be filled out and returned to one of the executives as soon as possible so that it can be reviewed, approved, or denied, after talking to ALL involved. This protest sheet must be returned prior to the awarding of prizing for that day. If the protest is found valid, the deposit is returned. If the protest is found not valid, The Club will retain the deposit. BAA Executive decisions are final.

M7. The Executive reserves the right to approve or deny applications for any reason by 2/3 majority vote.


N. Club Executive

N1. There will be three Co-Executives. For the 2017 season the Executive are Claude Lefebvre, Eric Pruys, and Kevin McPhee.

N2. All key decisions will be made by the full Executive committee and communicated through the website and/or emails.

Executive will oversee, at minimum, the following:

  1. Oversee administration of live well and boat checks, blast-offs, docking, and website.
  2. Collect annual and special fees, calculate prizes, and keep records. Report to members by way of an annual statement.
  3. Manage the weigh-in process at each event and arbitrate any disputes in this regard.

Volunteer Positions

     Live-well & Boat Checkers: Check live-wells and boats to ensure compliance with rules.

     Blast-Off Coordinators: Coordinate blast-offs under supervision of the Co-Executive.  They will be permitted to return to the docks 10 minutes late for each event.

     Docking Coordinator: Return 15 minutes early to assign all returning teams a weigh-in sequence number. Coordinate the teams with regards to weigh-in order and ensure all boats adhere to Rule I1 (Remain away from docks, and no fish out of live well until called).