2017 Event 4 – White Lake Results

The 4th event of the 2017 BAA season was held at White Lake, and the results are shown below.
BAA congratulates Colin and Shawn McCallion for their win, with 14.08 lbs.
Big Fish for the day goes to Kevin and John McPhee with a 4.09 lb largemouth. 2nd Big Fish goes to Todd Buchanan and Sonny Edwards, with a 3.56 lb largemouth.

Full results can be seen below.

Event 4 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
138McCallion / McCallion514.083.21
212Buchanan / Edwards512.863.56 *BF2*
32Sinnet / Campeau512.002.95
422Dafoe / Barbary511.703.17
57Riley / Pruys511.353.42
69Parks / Sell510.75
740Cameron / Cameron510.52
841Menard / MacFarlane510.27
96McPhee / McPhee59.884.09 *BF1*
1027Bedard / Bedard59.76
1119Lambert / Lambert59.58
1214Lalonde / Selleck59.563.23
134Bevacqua / Bell59.55
1435Ervin / Meraw59.48
1520Wilson / Popplewell59.39
1633Healey / Howell59.36
175Fraser / Fraser59.34
1817Turner / Gates59.12
1929Patrois / Robillard58.82
2030Bird / Goodes58.272.64
2111Bedard / Parson58.21
2239Goodfellow / Ricard57.95
2331Cameron / Raymond57.75
241Barber / Landry57.68
253McNamara / Knowles57.65
2616Benson / Dicaire57.26
2715Lefebvre / Lefebvre57.08
2821Binder / Fortin56.34
2910Olthof / Olthof46.23
3023Clairmont / Laanemets44.83
318Helmer / Helmer00.00
3113Dolgowicz / Stoddard00.00
3118Dufour / Ozga00.00
3125Albert / Albert00.00
3126Dobson / Dobson00.00
3128Cox / Cox00.00
3132Navin / Navin00.00
3134Bilow / Bilow00.00
3136Dillabough / Cardinal00.00
3137Cook / Barkley00.00
Average / Team6.92
Average / Fish1.87

2017 Event 3 – Big Rideau Lake Results

It was a hot one on Big Rideau today! Congratulations to Trevor Sinnet and Fern Campeau for finding a great bag of largemouth, weighing 18.46lb, anchored with a 5.27lb Big Bass of the Day.
2nd through 5th place were separated by only 0.16lb!
Full weights can be seen below.

Event 3 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
12Sinnet / Campeau518.465.27 *BF1*
222Dafoe / Barbary516.745.09 *BF2*
338McCallion / McCallion516.654.06
440Cameron / Cameron516.64
537Cook / Barkley516.584.13
633Healey / Howell515.304.31
727Bedard / Bedard515.24
87Riley / Pruys515.074.12
916Benson / Dicaire514.414.24
109Parks / Sell514.25
1132Navin / Navin513.58
1235Ervin / Meraw513.533.52
134Bevacqua / Bell513.51
1441Menard / MacFarlane513.413.34
1517Turner / Gates513.213.58
165Fraser / Fraser513.083.27
1728Cox / Cox512.95
1820Wilson / Popplewell512.853.56
188Helmer / Helmer512.853.44
2013Dolgowicz / Stoddard512.68
2134Bilow / Bilow512.20
2221Binder / Fortin511.93
2329Patrois / Robillard511.683.17
241Barber / Landry511.66
256McPhee / McPhee511.24
2626Dobson / Dobson511.20
2725Albert / Albert510.81
2818Dufour / Ozga510.67
2919Lambert / Lambert510.10
3015Lefebvre / Lefebvre510.06
3112Buchanan / Edwards59.97
3214Lalonde / Selleck59.68
3339Goodfellow / Ricard59.48
343McNamara / Knowles59.10
3511Bedard / Parson59.053.04
3631Cameron / Raymond57.64
3723Clairmont / Laanemets35.393.43
3830Bird / Goodes13.213.21
3910Olthof / Olthof00.00
3936Dillabough / Cardinal00.00
Average / Team11.65
Average / Fish2.53

Rideau River Event – LOCATION CHANGE

For logistical reasons, the event originally scheduled for Rideau River @ Kilmarnock, will have to be moved to Rideau River @ Taylor Park – a different section of the river.
BAA Execs worked hard to come to agreements with Parks Canada to actually split our field at the Kilmarnock Locks (upper and lower) but event fees and insurance reasons prohibit us from doing this. The lower section of Kilmarnock, from Kilmarnock Lock to Merrickville Lock, is too small for 40 teams, and with only one small boat launch and little parking, was not something we can consider further.

This event has officially been changed to Rideau River @ Taylor Park for the 2017 season.

2017 Event 2 – Muskrat Lake – Results

It was a great Canada Day for some teams on Muskrat Lake today. Those that figured out the bite were rewarded.
BAA would like to congratulate the team of Cameron/Cameron for their 16.57lb bag, taking first place! Big Fish of the day goes to Andy Dafoe and Tyler Barbary with a 5.61lb giant!
Full results can be seen below.

Event 2 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
140Cameron / Cameron516.573.62
215Lefebvre / Lefebvre515.053.72
322Dafoe / Barbary514.495.61
432Navin / Navin514.36
541Menard / MacFarlane514.33
629Patrois / Robillard513.94
720Wilson / Popplewell513.474.37
813Dolgowicz / Stoddard512.923.00
912Buchanan / Edwards512.78
106McPhee / McPhee512.55
1117Turner / Gates512.334.09
1221Binder / Fortin511.64
135Fraser / Fraser511.282.72
147Riley / Pruys510.56
1514Lalonde / Selleck59.42
1628Cox / Cox49.19
1734Bilow / Bilow59.09
1826Dobson / Dobson49.083.68
194Bevacqua / Bell38.03
2039Goodfellow / Ricard47.80
213McNamara / Knowles37.22
2225Albert / Albert36.98
2335Ervin / Meraw36.33
2419Lambert / Lambert25.523.37
2531Cameron / Raymond25.08
2616Benson / Dicaire24.50
2723Clairmont / Laanemets23.622.75
2827Bedard / Bedard11.48
291Barber / Landry00
292Sinnet / Campeau00
298Helmer / Helmer00
299Parks / Sell00
2910Olthof / Olthof00
2911Bedard / Parson00
2918Dufour / Ozga00
2930Bird / Goodes00
2933Healey / Howell00
2936Dillabough / Cardinal00
2937Cook / Barkley00
2938McCallion / McCallion00
Average / Team6.99
Average / Fish2.47

2017 Event 1 – Mississippi Lake – Results

The first event of the 2017 BAA season is in the books! The results can be seen below.
A big congrats to the father/son team of Jamie and Josh Navin, who weighed in a 1st place bag @ 16.79lbs, with the biggest fish of the day at 3.93lb!
Second biggest fish went to Steve and Dylan Cox with 3.82lb.
Congrats to ALL of our winners!!

Great job everyone and we’ll see you on Muskrat Lake on July 1st!

Event 1 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
132Navin / Navin516.793.93
29Parks / Sell515.603.43
328Cox / Cox515.173.82
48Helmer / Helmer514.242.89
55Fraser / Fraser513.71
618Dufour / Ozga513.53
76McPhee / McPhee513.463.77
841Menard / MacFarlane513.37
913Dolgowicz / Stoddard513.25
1020Wilson / Popplewell512.75
1110Olthof / Olthof512.67
1236Dillabough / Cardinal512.51
134Bevacqua / Bell512.49
1426Dobson / Dobson512.483.42
1540Cameron / Cameron512.46
1617Turner / Gates512.443.54
1627Bedard / Bedard512.44
1822Dafoe / Barbary512.40
1935Ervin / Meraw512.293.14
2016Benson / Dicaire512.123.41
2115Lefebvre / Lefebvre512.07
2225Albert / Albert512.01
2314Lalonde / Selleck511.913.49
247Riley / Pruys511.60
2537Cook / Barkley511.50
2612Buchanan / Edwards511.31
2729Patrois / Robillard511.23
2834Bilow / Bilow510.99
291Barber / Landry510.98
302Sinnet / Campeau510.77
3121Binder / Fortin510.51
3238McCallion / McCallion510.32
3331Cameron / Raymond59.94
343McNamara / Knowles59.17
3519Lambert / Lambert58.93
3611Bedard / Parson48.793.34
3730Bird / Goodes58.55
3833Healey / Howell45.79
3939Goodfellow / Ricard23.78
4023Clairmont / Laanemets00.00
Average / Team11.41
Average / Fish2.40

2017 Initial Blastoff Order

A random draw was done at http://random.org and this is the set blastoff order for the first event. Note that subsequent regular season events are in order of ‘reverse team of the year’, and the classic is in order of ‘team of the year’ standings.

Team NumberEvent 1 Blast-offAngler 1Angler 2
15* Early *Claude LefebvreDeanna Lefebvre
7* Early *Peter RileyEric Pruys
351Sean ErvinAdam Meraw
62Kevin McPheeJohn McPhee
93Shawn ParksBob Sell
264Charles DobsonClayton Dobson
185MarcAntoine DufourRick Ozga
176Scott TurnerChris Gates
147James LalondeJustin Selleck
108Steve OlthofMatthew Olthof
239Ryan ClairmontKristian Laanemets
310Chad McNamaraSteve Knowles
1211Todd BuchananSonny Edwards
412John BevacquaJim Bell
1313Rick DolgowiczRandy Stoddard
3914Jordan GoodfellowPascal Ricard
815Troy HelmerKevin Helmer
3316Kyle HealeyAdam Howell
2917Jim PatroisChad Robillard
3118Ted CameronAl Raymond
2819Steve CoxDylan Cox
2220Andy DafoeTyler Barbary
3721Scott CookRob Barkley
122Peter BarberStephanie Landry
2023Josh WilsonJosh Popplewell
1924Dylan LambertPat Lambert
525Jim FraserChris Fraser
1126Mike BedardRyan Parson
1627Dave BensonRay Dicaire
2128Konrad BinderPat Fortin
3829Colin McCallionShawn McCallion
3030Bobby BirdDave Goodes
2531Donald AlbertMicheline Albert
3432Jason BilowDon Bilow
3633Shawn DillaboughLarry Cardinal
234Trevor SinnetFern Campeau
3235Jamie NavinJosh Navin
4036Andrew CameronJon Cameron
4137Cole MenardAlex MacFarlane
27* Late *Bernie BedardAndre Bedard

2017 Teams List

BAA is pleased to announce the current list of registered teams for the 2017 season!  We’ve expanded, and are now FULL for the season!

Team NumberAngler 1Angler 2
1Peter BarberStephanie Landry
2Trevor SinnetFern Campeau
3Chad McNamaraSteve Knowles
4John BevacquaJim Bell
5Jim FraserChris Fraser
6Kevin McPheeJohn McPhee
7Peter RileyEric Pruys
8Troy HelmerKevin Helmer
9Shawn ParksRyerson Parks
10Steve OlthofMatthew Olthof
11Mike BedardRyan Parson
12Todd BuchananSonny Edwards
13Rick DolgowiczRandy Stoddard
14James LalondeJustin Selleck
15Claude LefebvreDeanna Lefebvre
16Dave BensonRay Dicaire
17Scott TurnerChris Gates
18MarcAntoine DufourRick Ozga
19Dylan LambertPat Lambert
20Josh WilsonJosh Popplewell
21Konrad BinderPat Fortin
22Andy DafoeTyler Barbary
23Ryan ClairmontKristian Laanemets
24Team Number Not Available
25Donald AlbertMicheline Albert
26Charles DobsonClayton Dobson
27Bernie BedardAndre Bedard
28Steve CoxDylan Cox
29Jim PatroisChad Robillard
30Bobby BirdDave Goodes
31Ted CameronAl Raymond
32Jamie NavinJosh Navin
33Kyle HealeyAdam Howell
34Jason BilowDon Bilow
35Sean ErvinAdam Meraw
36Shawn DillaboughLarry Cardinal
37Scott CookRob Barkley
38Colin McCallionShawn McCallion
39Jordan GoodfellowPascal Ricard
40Andrew CameronJon Cameron
41Cole MenardAlex MacFarlane

2017 Substitute Anglers

BAA is providing the list below as a resource for our members who may need a substitute or a full-time partner for one or more events this season.  The people in the table below can be contacted on your behalf through the Contact Us form! If you are not a BAA member but would like your name added to this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and request it.

Angler NameBoater/Non-Boater
Matthew PeatNon-boater
Marc CadieuxNon-boater
Jake HartleyNon-boater
Lee McGuireNon-boater
Chevy ChampagneNon-boater
Bruce RobertsonNon-boater