JDRF Charity Open Rules

The rules for the JDRF “Bassin to Find a Cure” Download and Print here: JDRF Rules

Official Rules – JDRF “Bassin to Find a Cure” Charity Open, Hosted by Bass Anglers Association

Prizing and Tournament Structure

1. Big bass each hour will receive $500, second place each hour will receive $250 (based on a full field of 70 teams)

2. Tournament hours are 8am to 3pm. Blastoff will occur at 8am. First weigh-in hour closes at 9am. Final weigh-in hour closes at 3pm.

3. There will be buoys in front of the docks downstream of the Carleton Place Town Launch. These buoys are the Commitment Markers. If your boat breaks the plane of these markers, you MUST weigh-in immediately.

4. The time at which your boat crosses the Commitment Markers is the hour in which that fish will be considered “weighed-in”.

5. Only ONE fish may be onboard your boat at any time during tournament hours. If you come to the scales with more than one fish onboard, all will be ineligible for weigh-in and will be released.

6. Teams can weigh as many fish per hour throughout the day as they wish. Teams may also win multiple hours, and/or 1st and 2nd big fish for any given hour.

General Tournament Rules

7. Life jackets must be worn while under power of the main engine.

8. No wake zones must be obeyed, including <30m (100ft) from shore anywhere.

9. Boat checks will be performed before blastoff, and every time you come to the scales. Event staff are permitted onboard your boat at any time to ensure compliance with rules.

10. Livewells or suitable equivalent devices must be in working order.

11. No live or preserved bait can be used.

12. Only Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass can be weighed in.

13. Fish MUST be alive for that weight to be recorded. “Alive” is at the Tournament Directors’ discretion.

14. If you disagree with the initial locked-in weight for your fish, you may request one re-weigh. The re-weigh weight will be the only weight recorded.

15. Anglers must behave with civility and respect towards each other, and the public. Any disagreements must be brought up with the Tournament Director if they impact tournament results.

16. Blastoff will occur downstream of the Hwy 7 bridge in Carleton Place, in order of registration (Team numbers).

17. All waters downstream of the launch ramps is OFF-LIMITS to fishing.

18. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in partial or full disqualification from this event with no refund of entry fees. The Tournament Directors decision on any matter pertaining to these rules will be final.