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2015 BAA Classic Results

Another great season for BAA is now in the books!

With wet, windy, and cold conditions on both days, teams slugged it out on Mississippi Lake on the weekend of September 12 & 13, 2015.

The overall winners are Chris and Brad Crook, who weighed in 18.65lb on Day 1, and 15.51lb on Day 2, for a total of 34.16lb!  They also earned Big Fish for Day 1 with a 4.65lb largemouth.

Big Fish for Day 2 belonged to John Bevacqua and Jim Bell, who brought in a nice 4.46lb smallmouth!

Congratulations to all that participated, all that placed in the top-4, and most of all, to the Crook brothers for capping off a very successful season with a wire-to-wire win in brutally wet conditions.

Full results can be seen below.

Classic RankTeam #Team MembersDay 1 # of FishDay 1 WeightDay 1 Big FishDay 2 # of FishDay 2 WeightDay 2 Big FishTOTAL WEIGHT
126Crook / Crook518.654.65
210Lariviere / Mayotte515.124.5516.6831.8
323Cox / Mihorean5174.4514.231.2
411Stinson / Gates512.67517.294.129.96
517Wylie / Nicholas515.27513.4928.76
621Deszcz / Deszcz513.6514.933.6828.53
78Thompson / Verhey516.644.31511.5828.22
818Pigeon / Pigeon512.37515.753.7728.12
919France / France514.27512.7927.06
1020Wilson / Popplewell515.394.16510.983.4326.37
1113Doglowicz / Stoddard514.564.02511.4626.02
124Bevacqua / Bell510.82515.194.46
1316Knowles / Knowles513.75511.8825.63
1424Wilson / Wilson512.34512.23.3924.54
157Turner / Pruys513.15510.5623.71
169Parks / Sell514.153.4159.2723.42
175Fraser / Fraser513.8959.2723.16
1815Levebvre / Lefebvre513.6158.4222.03
1914Lalonde / Selleck00513.264.3213.26
2027Leduc / Bedard512.243.5600.0012.24
211Barber / Landry511.530011.53
223McNamara / Shadoue511.2300.0011.23
2325Albert / Albert00510.2610.26
2412Decarie / Decarie47.323.4007.32
6Mcphee / Mcphee
22Parisien / Patterson
Average / Team13.0211.0920.54
Average / Fish2.752.552.65

BAA 2015 Team Of The Year FINAL Standings

BAA would like to congratulate Chris and Brad Crook for achieving not only the highest weight overall, but the coveted Team Of The Year honours, which drops the single lowest weight for each team (Best 5 of 6).

Their total haul for Team Of The Year consideration was 81.24lb!  Excellent job guys!

Full results for Team Of The Year can be found below.

RankTeam #Team MembersOverall
Best 5 of 6
126Crook / Crook92.8381.24
210Lariviere / Mayotte80.4080.40
317Wylie / Nicholas87.7678.71
423Cox / Mihorean90.9277.45
54Bevacqua / Bell74.5974.59
624Wilson / Wilson73.4973.49
77Turner / Pruys84.8773.48
822Parisien / Patterson73.2873.28
916Knowles / Knowles78.3770.69
1027Leduc / Bedard74.2067.25
111Barber / Landry67.1967.19
125Fraser / Fraser67.0567.05
1311Stinson / Gates75.1766.24
149Parks / Sell64.2464.24
1520Wilson / Popplewell73.0863.51
168Thompson / Verhey62.0462.04
1714Lalonde / Selleck71.9461.79
1815Levebvre / Lefebvre68.6660.03
193McNamara / Shadoue59.6059.60
2013Doglowicz / Stoddard55.3055.30
226Mcphee / Mcphee51.9151.91
2312Decarie / Decarie49.0649.06
2421Deszcz / Deszcz48.2348.23
2525Albert / Albert47.5743.04
2618Pigeon / Pigeon41.4241.42
2719France / France24.7624.76

Event 6 – Ottawa River – Results

Event 6 of the 2015 BAA season was held on the Ottawa River, on August 29th, 2015.

BAA would like to congratulate Patrick Wylie and Eddie Nicholas, who figured out a pattern and weighed in an 18.76lb bag of bass!

Big Fish honours go out to Chad McNamara and Mike Shadoue, who weighed in a 5.57lb largemouth!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Mississippi Lake CLASSIC – Sept. 12 & 13 at the Carleton Place Town Launch.

Event 6 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
117Wylie / Nicholas518.764.84
220Wilson / Popplewell517.744.47
323Cox / Mihorean514.75
526Crook / Crook512.09
67Turner / Pruys511.86
711Stinson / Gates510.96
86Mcphee / Mcphee510.33
914Lalonde / Selleck5/410.15
1015Levebvre / Lefebvre510.01
113McNamara / Shadoue39.355.57 *BF*
128Thompson / Verhey58.85
1325Albert / Albert38.064.23
1416Knowles / Knowles4/37.68
1527Leduc / Bedard46.95
161Barber / Landry00
164Bevacqua / Bell00
165Fraser / Fraser00
169Parks / Sell00
1610Lariviere / Mayotte00
1612Decarie / Decarie00
1613Doglowicz / Stoddard00
1618Pigeon / Pigeon00
1619France / France00
1621Deszcz / Deszcz00
1622Parisien / Patterson00
1624Wilson / Wilson00
Average / Team6.33
Average / Fish2.48

Event 5 – Newboro Lake – Results

Event 5 of the 2015 BAA season was held on Newboro Lake, on August 15th, 2015.

BAA would like to congratulate Darren Lariviere and Geoff Mayotte, who weighed in an 18.75 bag of largemouth bass!  The same team also gets Big Fish honours with a 5.14lb largemouth to take big fish of the day!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Ottawa River – Rockland Town Launch. August 29, 2015 – see you there!

Event 5 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
110Lariviere / Mayotte518.755.14 * BF*
227Leduc / Bedard517.794.97
318Pigeon / Pigeon517.644.87
426Crook / Crook515.614.23
55Fraser / Fraser515.564.55
624Wilson / Wilson5/415.244.81
76Mcphee / Mcphee513.75
823Cox / Mihorean513.47
104Bevacqua / Bell512.59
1122Parisien / Patterson512.45
1214Lalonde / Selleck512.22
131Barber / Landry512.04
147Turner / Pruys511.39
1515Levebvre / Lefebvre5/311.10
1613Doglowicz / Stoddard510.85
1712Decarie / Decarie510.67
1816Knowles / Knowles410.364.88
193McNamara / Shadoue510.14
209Parks / Sell59.94
2120Wilson / Popplewell59.57
2217Wylie / Nicholas5/49.05
2311Stinson / Gates58.93
2425Albert / Albert47.43
258Thompson / Verhey00.00
2519France / France00.00
2521Deszcz / Deszcz00.00
Average / Team11.10
Average / Fish2.54

Event 4 – Muskrat Lake – Results

Event 4 of the 2015 BAA season was held on Muskrat Lake, on August 1st, 2015.

BAA would like to congratulate John Bevacqua and Jim Bell, who weighed in a huge bag – 21.27lb of bass!  The same team also gets Big Fish honours with a 5.86lb largemouth to take big fish of the day!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Newboro Lake BBQ TO FOLLOW!! August 15th, 2015 – see you there!

Event 4 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
14Bevacqua / Bell521.275.86 * BF *
222Parisien / Patterson519.954.54
317Wylie / Nicholas519.194.3
411Stinson / Gates516.973.82
43McNamara / Shadoue516.975.54
626Crook / Crook516.27
75Fraser / Fraser515.82
810Lariviere / Mayotte515.794.17
923Cox / Mihorean515.733.55
107Turner / Pruys515.37
1116Knowles / Knowles515.124.48
128Thompson / Verhey515.064.87
1314Lalonde / Selleck514.613.58
1418Pigeon / Pigeon513.85
156Mcphee / Mcphee513.15
1627Leduc / Bedard512.85
1724Wilson / Wilson512.70
181Barber / Landry5 (4)12.50
199Parks / Sell512.463.69
2120Wilson / Popplewell511.06
2221Deszcz / Deszcz510.85
2315Levebvre / Lefebvre58.63
2425Albert / Albert34.53
2513Doglowicz / Stoddard00.00
2519France / France00.00
2512Decarie / Decarie00.00
Average / Team12.6640740741
Average / Fish3.0529464286

Event 3 – Rideau River Kilmarnock – Results

Event 3 of the 2015 BAA season was held on the Rideau River at Kilmarnock, on July 18th, 2015.

BAA would like to congratulate Rick Dolgowicz and Randy Stoddard, who weighed in a total of 17.76lb of bass!

Congratulations are in order for Chris and Brad Crook for weighing in a 5.50lb largemouth to take big fish of the day!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Muskrat Lake – Cobden, ON, on August 1st – see you there!

Event 3 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
113Doglowicz / Stoddard517.764.30
226Crook / Crook517.525.50 * BF *
322Parisien / Patterson515.864.02
410Lariviere / Mayotte515.710.00
51Barber / Landry5/415.644.55
616Knowles / Knowles515.300.00
724Wilson / Wilson515.233.88
823Cox / Mihorean514.534.19
94Bevacqua / Bell513.820.00
1021Deszcz / Deszcz513.600.00
119Parks / Sell513.020.00
1227Leduc / Bedard512.980.00
137Turner / Pruys512.730.00
1417Wylie / Nicholas512.554.65
1520Wilson / Popplewell512.220.00
1611Stinson / Gates512.020.00
1714Lalonde / Selleck512.010.00
188Thompson / Verhey511.650.00
1912Decarie / Decarie511.100.00
1915Lefebvre / Lefebvre511.103.33
215Fraser / Fraser510.620.00
2225Albert / Albert35.080.00
233McNamara / Shadoue00.000.00
236Mcphee / Mcphee00.000.00
2318Pigeon / Pigeon00.000.00
2319France / France00.000.00
Average / Team10.82
Average / Fish2.84

Event 2 – Big Rideau Lake – Results

Event 2 of the 2015 BAA season was held on Big Rideau Lake – Rideau Ferry Conservation Launch, on July 4th, 2015.

BAA would like to congratulate Chris and Brad Crook, who weighed in a total of 19.75lbs of bass, anchored by a 5.92 largemouth!

Congratulations are in order for Scott Turner and Eric Pruys, for weighing in a huge 6.44lb largemouth to take big fish of the day!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Rideau River – Kilmarnock, July 18th – see you there!

Event 2 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
126Crook / Crook519.755.92
27Turner / Pruys518.216.44 *BF*
31Barber / Landry516.520
410Lariviere / Mayotte516.284.61
523Cox / Mihorean515.910
612Decarie / Decarie515.244.54
78Thompson / Verhey515.110
816Knowles / Knowles514.960
925Albert / Albert514.833.93
1015Lefebvre / Lefebvre514.774.55
1113Doglowicz / Stoddard514.280
125Fraser / Fraser513.910
1319France / France513.843.07
144Bevacqua / Bell513.740
1511Stinson / Gates513.450
1617Wylie / Nicholas513.40
1722Parisien / Patterson513.330
1824Wilson / Wilson513.240
1914Lalonde / Selleck512.660
209Parks / Sell512.650
2127Leduc / Bedard512.594.43
2221Deszcz / Deszcz512.470
233McNamara / Shadoue510.890
2420Wilson / Popplewell59.850
256Mcphee / Mcphee000
2518Pigeon / Pigeon000
Average / Team14.245
Average / Fish2.849

Event 1 – Mississippi Lake – Results

Thanks to everyone for making the first event of the 2015 BAA Season a success!  Thanks again to Cavanagh Construction for allowing BAA anglers to use the field as a parking lot!

Congratulations are in order for the ‘new’ team of Brian and Shaun Wilson for taking 1st place with 17.08lb, and for catching the big fish of the day with a 4.85lb largemouth!

Full results can be seen in the table below.

Next event: Big Rideau Lake, Rideau Ferry Conservation Launch, July 4th – see you there!

Event 1 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
124Wilson / Wilson517.084.85 BF
223Cox / Mihorean516.53
39Parks / Sell516.174.62
47Turner / Pruys515.31
516Knowles / Knowles514.95
617Wylie / Nicholas514.81
76Mcphee / Mcphee514.683.92
910Lariviere / Mayotte513.87
104Bevacqua / Bell513.173.64
1115Lefebvre / Lefebvre513.05
1211Stinson / Gates512.843.98
1320Wilson / Popplewell512.64
1413Doglowicz / Stoddard512.41
153McNamara / Shadoue512.25
1612Decarie / Decarie512.05
1722Parisien / Patterson511.69
1826Crook / Crook511.59
198Thompson / Verhey5/311.37
2021Deszcz / Deszcz511.31
215Fraser / Fraser511.14
2227Leduc / Bedard511.04
2319France / France510.92
241Barber / Landry510.49
2514Lalonde / Selleck510.29
2618Pigeon / Pigeon5/49.93
2725Albert / Albert57.64
Average / Team12.73
Average / Fish2.55

1st Event Blast-off Sequence

Please see the blast-off sequence for the 1st event on Mississippi Lake. June 20, 2015.  Note: This will also be available on the Newsletter handed out at the first event.

Teams were assigned a number and the sequence was generated using

Start PositionTeam NumberTeam Members
* Early *7Turner / Pruys
* Early *15Lefebvre / Lefebvre
15Fraser / Fraser
214Lalonde / Selleck
321Deszcz / Deszcz
425Albert / Albert
510Lariviere / Mayotte
69Parks / Sell
712Decarie / Decarie
822Parisien / Patterson
926Crook / Crook
1016Knowles / Knowles
1117Wylie / Nicholas
128Thompson / Verhey
1318Pigeon / Pigeon
1413Dolgowicz / Stoddard
151Barber / Landry
174Bevacqua / Bell
1823Cox / Mihorean
1911Stinson / Gates
203McNamara / Shadoue
2124Wilson / Wilson
2220Wilson / Popplewell
2319France / France
2427Leduc / Bedard
* Late *6McPhee / McPhee

2015 Teams

Here is the list of teams for the 2015 Bass Anglers Association season!  (As at June 18).

Team NumberAngler 1Angler 2
1Peter BarberChris Landry
2Trevor Sinnet
3Chad McNamaraMike Shadoue
4John BevacquaJim Bell
5Jim FraserChris Fraser
6Kevin McpheeJohn Mcphee
7Scott TurnerEric Pruys
8Tim ThompsonBrett Verhey
9Shawn ParksBob Sell
10Darren LariviereGeoff Mayotte
11Phil StinsonChris Gates
12Rejean DecarieRichard Decarie
13Rick DolgowiczRandy Stoddard
14James LalondeJustin Selleck
15Claude LefebvreDeanna Lefebvre
16Steve KnowlesKevin Knowles
17Patrick WylieEddie Nicholas
18Matt PigeonDenis Pigeon
19Russell FranceTyler France
20Josh WilsonJosh Popplewell
21James DeszczAlex Deszcz
22Steve ParisienAndy Patterson
23Steve CoxSteve Mihorean
24Brian WilsonShawn Wilson
25Donald AlbertMicheline Albert
26Chris CrookBrad Crook
27Pierre LeducBernie Bedard