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2013 BAA Classic Results

After another GREAT year, BAA is pleased to announce our 2013 Classic Champions. BIG CONGRATULATIONS go out to the team of Tim Thompson and Brett Verhey!! They were able to get a lead on Day 1 and keep it through Day 2 — winning the event with 34.56lb and by a margin of over 2.5lb! Great job guys – we hope to see you back next year!

Full results can be seen below.

We would like to thank anyone who donated raffle prizes – your support is very much appreciated.

Also, last but not least – a BIG thanks to Big Jim who came by to MC the presentations. Thanks BIG!

Classic RankTeam #Team MembersDay 1 # of FishDay 1 WeightDay 1 Big FishDay 2 # of FishDay 2 WeightDay 2 Big FishTOTAL WEIGHT
18Tim Thompson / Brett Verhey517.483.97517.0834.56
223Steve Cox / Steve Mihorean515.60516.323.9931.92
320Andy Dafoe / Jason Kluver514.46515.084.3429.54
421James Deszcz / Alex Deszcz514.974.60 *BF*513.9728.94
57Scott Turner / Eric Pruys514.174.28514.3728.54
616Russell France / Tyler France512.483.51514.0626.54
76Kevin Mcphee / John Mcphee511.743.58514.783.5726.52
811Phil Stinson / Chris Gates516.703.8959.6326.33
910Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte512.583.54513.7126.29
1015Claude Lefebvre / Deanna Lefebvre513.70511.944.0525.64
1119Pierre Leduc / Howard Macdonald512.912.96512.3625.27
122Trevor Sinnett / Greg Lehtiniemi513.25511.7224.97
1328Patrick Wylie / Jeff Eaton511.73512.0523.78
143John Dallaire / Chevy Champagne58.69513.2021.89
151Peter Barber / Marc Cadieux59.90510.3020.20
1630Rick Dolgowicz / Randy Stoddard59.08510.303.0519.38
174John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin36.72512.174.5218.89
1825Anthony Falzon / Melanie Falzon59.992.7747.5317.52
1929Chad McNamara / Mike Shadoue46.2646.6712.93
2018Matt Pigeon / David Clow37.893.2514.764.76 *BF*12.65
2127Paul Laforest / France Paiement510.3600.0010.36
2217Gary McQuillan / Jim Bell510.1200.0010.12
2314Codie Lonsberry / Justin Henriquez59.8900.009.89
2422Tim Boileau / Carl Boileau57.7600.007.76
255Trent Gill / Dan Faubert45.9800.005.98
269Ron Lacroix / Jim Hache00.0000.000.00
2612Rejean Decarie / Lou Cappelo00.0000.000.00
2613Donald Albert / Micheline Albert00.0000.000.00
2624Steven Maclennan / Eric Riley00.0000.000.00
Average / Team9.818.3417.55
Average / Fish2.392.572.47

2013 Team Of The Year!

Bass Anglers Association would like to congratulate Andy Dafoe and Jason Kluver on their 2013 BAA Team Of The Year title! Their best 5 events totaled 79.78lb. All the best at the Classic, and GREAT JOB!

Full Team of the Year results can be seen here:

RankTeam #Team MembersOverall
Best 5 of 6
120Andy Dafoe / Jason Kluver79.7879.78
222Tim Boileau / Carl Boileau88.4877.74
310Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte70.8670.86
42Trevor Sinnett / Greg Lehtiniemi69.5269.52
511Phil Stinson / Chris Gates78.0968.54
630Rick Dolgowicz / Randy Stoddard68.4068.40
74John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin66.3966.39
824Steven Maclennan / Eric Riley64.7364.73
916Russell France / Tyler France64.4864.48
103John Dallaire / Chevy Champagne74.8664.06
115Trent Gill / Dan Faubert69.5961.65
126Kevin Mcphee / John Mcphee66.0961.49
1315Claude Lefebvre / Deanna Lefebvre69.4160.33
147Scott Turner / Eric Pruys59.7959.79
1527Paul Laforest / France Paiement59.0259.02
169Ron Lacroix / Jim Hache57.2057.20
1714Codie Lonsberry / Justin Henriquez55.7955.79
1819Pierre Leduc / Howard Macdonald62.1655.62
1921James Deszcz / Alex Deszcz59.5355.22
208Tim Thompson / Brett Verhey63.5155.18
2128Patrick Wylie / Jeff Eaton55.0855.08
2213Donald Albert / Micheline Albert60.2854.67
2329Chad McNamara / Mike Shadoue55.8652.52
2417Gary McQuillan / Jim Bell50.9450.94
2525Anthony Falzon / Melanie Falzon42.0842.08
2612Rejean Decarie / Lou Cappelo40.9140.91
2723Steve Cox / Steve Mihorean36.2536.25
281Peter Barber / Marc Cadieux34.9534.95
2918Matt Pigeon / David Clow11.7711.77

Muskrat Lake Results

The sixth and final regular-season event of the 2013 BAA season was held on Muskrat Lake, August 31, 2013.

Congratulations to Micheline and Donald Albert for bringing in a big 19.26lb bag of smallies, and for taking the Big Fish prize of the day with a 4.20lb kicker!

The full results can be seen below:

Event 6 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
113Donald Albert / Micheline Albert519.264.20 'BF'
222Tim Boileau / Carl Boileau518.753.77
311Phil Stinson / Chris Gates518.174.18
42Trevor Sinnett / Greg Lehtiniemi515.813.43
55Trent Gill / Dan Faubert515.240
66Kevin Mcphee / John Mcphee514.924.01
730Rick Dolgowicz / Randy Stoddard514.733.92
824Steven Maclennan / Eric Riley513.910
99Ron Lacroix / Jim Hache513.673.65
1017Gary McQuillan / Jim Bell512.963.90
1120Andy Dafoe / Jason Kluver512.520
1219Pierre Leduc / Howard Macdonald511.853.43
133John Dallaire / Chevy Champagne511.820
1412Rejean Decarie / Lou Cappelo411.370
1515Claude Lefebvre / Deanna Lefebvre511.120
1625Anthony Falzon / Marty Burrows510.832.99
1729Chad McNamara / Mike Shadoue510.280
188Tim Thompson / Brett Verhey38.403.79
1921James Deszcz / Alex Deszcz24.310
201Peter Barber / Marc Cadieux000
204John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin000
207Scott Turner / Eric Pruys000
2010Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte000
2014Codie Lonsberry / Justin Henriquez000
2016Russell France / Tyler France000
2018Matt Pigeon / David Clow000
2023Steve Cox / Steve Mihorean000
2027Paul Laforest / France Paiement000
2028Patrick Wylie / Jeff Eaton000
Average / Team8.3306666667
Average / Fish2.8080898876

Big Rideau Lake Results

The fifth event of the 2013 BAA season was held on the Big Rideau Lake, August 17, 2013.

Congratulations to Andy Dafoe and Jason Kluver for bringing in a big 19.99lb bag of largemouth, and for taking the Big Fish prize of the day with a 5.29lb kicker!

The full results can be seen below:

Event 5 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
120Andy Dafoe / Jason Kluver5/419.995.29 *BF Winner*
27Scott Turner / Eric Pruys516.594.12
311Phil Stinson / Chris Gates515.983.83
41Peter Barber / Marc Cadieux515.393.43
58Tim Thompson / Brett Verhey514.583.98
622Tim Boileau / Carl Boileau514.493.82
74John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin514.37
827Paul Laforest / France Paiement5/413.963.80
93John Dallaire / Chevy Champagne513.29
1014Codie Lonsberry / Justin Henriquez513.27
1128Patrick Wylie / Jeff Eaton512.724.01
1216Russell France / Tyler France512.48
139Ron Lacroix / Jim Hache512.263.47
1410Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte512.20
1530Rick Dolgowicz / Randy Stoddard511.67
1619Pierre Leduc / Howard Macdonald510.99
175Trent Gill / Dan Faubert510.65
1829Chad McNamara / Mike Shadoue510.06
1921James Deszcz / Alex Deszcz59.83
2024Steven Maclennan / Eric Riley59.20
2115Claude Lefebvre / Deanna Lefebvre59.08
2213Donald Albert / Micheline Albert46.52
2325Anthony Falzon / Marty Burrows24.94
246Kevin Mcphee / John Mcphee14.604.60
252Trevor Sinnett / Greg Lehtiniemi00
2512Rejean Decarie / Lou Cappelo00
2517Gary McQuillan / Jim Bell00
2518Matt Pigeon / David Clow00
2523Steve Cox / Steve Mihorean00
Average / Team9.64
Average / Fish2.58

–LAUNCH CHANGE– Big Rideau, August 17

Note: Due to a Regatta being held at the Conservation Launch, we will be holding the event at Rideau Ferry Marina. See link here:

ALSO NOTE: There is a “NO POWER ON” rule at their ramp, therefore we will all have to put our boats on the trailer by coating and/or use our electric trolling motors. No exceptions.