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2012 Classic Results!

The executives of Bass Anglers Association would like to congratulate Mike Merrill and Fern Campeau on their 2012 Classic WIN, with a total 2-day combined weight of 30.10 lbs. After finishing a very wet, windy, and stormy Day 1 in 8th place (14.26 lbs), Mike and Fern stormed back themselves on a bluebird-sky Day 2 with 15.84 lbs, earning them the overall win!

Congratulations also go out to the 2nd place team of Tyler Barbary and Andy Dafoe (“Team Consistency”), who finished with 29.31lbs. 3rd place honours go out to Trevor Sinnet and Eric Pruys, who after a great Day 1 weight of 18.53 lbs, slipped on Day 2, catching only 4 keepers and slipping to 3rd place overall with 28.61 lbs. The team of John Bevacqua and Mike Paquin rounded out the top-4 (paid) places with a final weight of 28.46 lbs.

Big fish on Day 1 went to John Bevacqua and Mike Paquin with a 4.60 lb largemouth.

Big fish on Day 2 went to Trevor Sinnet and Eric Pruys with a 4.16 lb largemouth.

Full results can be seen below…

Classic RankTeam #Team MembersDay 1 # of FishDay 1 WeightDay 1 Big FishDay 2 # of FishDay 2 WeightDay 2 Big FishTOTAL WEIGHT
119Merrill / Campeau514.26515.844.0730.10
220Barbary / Dafoe514.554.20514.764.0729.31
32Sinnet / Pruys518.534.21410.084.16 *BF*28.61
44Bevacqua / Paquin516.334.60 *BF*512.1328.46
511Robertson / Ashcroft515.163.78512.713.4027.87
610Lariviere / Mayotte514.74513.0727.81
73Champagne / Dallaire513.964.14513.2127.17
86McPhee / McPhee515.084.11512.093.3027.17
926Boyd / Johnson513.414.10513.753.6327.16
1024MacLennan / E. Riley516.394.17510.6227.01
1121Navin / Navin513.40512.4725.87
121Barber / Cadieux513.80511.563.0125.36
1328Wylie / Eaton513.49510.8024.29
1418Pigeon / Clow510.84512.973.3323.81
1515Lefebvre / Lefebvre513.764.045/49.2222.98
1616France / France511.32510.573.5821.89
178Thompson / Verhey59.22510.2019.42
1817Bell / McQuillan58.4559.4517.90
1922Acheson / Banford513.100013.10
209Hache / Lacroix512.860012.86
2123Cox / Mihorean512.620012.62
2227Laforest / Paiement512.130012.13
2313Albert / Albert00511.833.5611.83
2412Decarie / Leduc59.28009.28
257Dufour / Dufour58.60008.60
2625W. Riley / Labrecque57.90007.90
2729McRae / Brazeau47.65007.65
285Gill / Knowles00000
2914Lonsberry / Mitani--------------
Average / Team11.417.8419.25
Average / Fish2.572.422.50

Classic announcement – Locking

Just a quick announcement before this weekends’ Classic: We have decided to ease the rules on locking. Teams are still permitted to lock-through to adjoining lakes, but we will NOT require teams to show the Executive the actual lock pass in advance for this event. Teams simply need to inform Trevor at boat-check that they intend to lock-through.
We believe this will make it a bit easier on teams looking to lock but unable to get the pass in advance.

2012 Team Of The Year!

A big congratulations go out to Russell and Tyler France, Team #16, for having the highest total of 4 events! Their total Team Of The Year weight was a whopping 66.67 lbs (4 events, average = 16.67lbs/event) and an average fish size of 3.33lbs!


Full results can be seen below:

RankTeam #Team MembersOverall
Best of 4
116France / France66.6766.67
222Acheson / Banford75.4165.62
320Barbary / Dafoe75.2762.56
44Bevacqua / Paquin72.2161.54
524MacLennan / E. Riley70.5759.48
619Merrill / Campeau71.3459.25
721Navin / Navin71.1159.01
81Barber / Cadieux66.9157.45
92Sinnet / Pruys57.3857.38
1027Laforest / Paiement68.2856.47
1110Lariviere / Mayotte66.9855.43
1211Robertson / Ashcroft62.2754.25
1315Lefebvre / Lefebvre64.7754.16
148Thompson / Verhey63.5154.11
1523Cox / Mihorean65.3554.07
1628Wylie / Eaton62.5552.69
173Champagne / Dallaire62.8251.70
187Dufour / Dufour51.5051.50
1925W. Riley / Labrecque58.3150.15
2012Decarie / Leduc52.6349.91
2113Albert / Albert51.7549.76
2217Bell / McQuillan49.6449.64
2318Pigeon / Clow49.3049.30
249Hache / Lacroix48.3748.37
2526Boyd / Johnson55.1847.29
266McPhee / McPhee46.4546.45
2714Lonsberry / Mitani39.3439.34
285Gill / Knowles32.2732.27
2929McRae / Brazeau28.0528.05

Clayton Lake Results

The fifth event of the 2012 BAA season was held on Clayton Lake, August 25, 2012.

Congratulations to Tyler Barbary and Andy Dafoe for taking 1st place with a huge 19.27 lb bag of fish!
And a congratulations go out to Darren Lariviere and Geoff Mayotte for catching a 4.60lb largemouth for the Big Fish prize of the day.

The full results can be seen below.

Event 5 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
120Barbary / Dafoe519.274.57
211Robertson / Ashcroft516.973.97
310Lariviere / Mayotte515.024.60 *BF*
417Bell / McQuillan514.664.07
516France / France513.653.66
621Navin / Navin513.64
718Pigeon / Clow513.083.11
82Sinnet / Pruys5/412.85
915Lefebvre / Lefebvre512.82
1013Albert / Albert512.704.33
1124MacLennan / E. Riley512.603.73
128Thompson / Verhey512.48
133Champagne / Dallaire512.10
1419Merrill / Campeau512.093.53
1527Laforest / Paiement511.81
1623Cox / Mihorean511.282.84
1712Decarie / Leduc5/311.273.28
181Barber / Cadieux5/411.10
1828Wylie / Eaton511.10
2026Boyd / Johnson510.852.96
2125W. Riley / Labrecque510.71
224Bevacqua / Paquin510.67
2322Acheson / Banford59.79
249Hache / Lacroix58.69
2514Lonsberry / Mitani34.74
265Gill / Knowles00.00
266McPhee / McPhee00.00
267Dufour / Dufour00.00
2629McRae / Brazeau00.00
Average / Team10.55
Average / Fish2.49

Ottawa River Results

The fourth event of the 2012 BAA season was held on Ottawa River (Rockland), August 11, 2012.

Congratulations to Scott Acheson and Cory Banford for taking 1st place!
And a congratulations go out to Marc-Antoine Dufour and Frank Dufour for catching a HUGE 6.48 lb largemouth for the Big Fish prize of the day.

The full results can be seen below.

Event 4 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
122Acheson / Banford520.415.38
216France / France519.304.81
32Sinnet / Pruys518.936.40
424MacLennan / E. Riley518.924.51
527Laforest / Paiement516.10
620Barbary / Dafoe515.774.86
721Navin / Navin515.315.07
819Merrill / Campeau515.114.55
91Barber / Cadieux514.78
1028Wylie / Eaton513.15
1123Cox / Mihorean512.62
124Bevacqua / Paquin512.414.26
1315Lefebvre / Lefebvre511.99
1412Decarie / Leduc511.944.35
1510Lariviere / Mayotte511.554.05
163Champagne / Dallaire511.12
1717Bell / McQuillan510.59
188Thompson / Verhey59.57
196McPhee / McPhee59.48
2025W. Riley / Labrecque48.16
2111Robertson / Ashcroft48.02
2226Boyd / Johnson37.89
237Dufour / Dufour16.486.48 *BF*
2413Albert / Albert11.99
255Gill / Knowles00
259Hache / Lacroix00
2514Lonsberry / Mitani00
2518Pigeon / Clow00
2529McRae / Brazeau00
Average / Team10.40
Average / Fish2.79

2012 BAA Sponsors

Please visit our sponsors and show them your appreciation!!

We would like to thank Claude Lefebvre from Duntech Automotive for providing the hosting package for our website, Team Decals, the freshwater pump and fish staging system, and the weigh system for the 2012 Season.
Duntech Automotive



We would also like to thank our series sponsors for 2012 who have provided prizes for events, including the season wrap-up Classic:

Fireplace Center


Dobyns Rods -

Bennetts Bait and Tackle -

McQuillan Electric -

Uniglass Plus Ziebart - OttawaOttawa (Carling) and Ottawa (St-Laurent)

We will update this page as the season progresses. If any one knows of any business, big or small, that would like to donate prizes for the Classic or other events — please contact us by using the Contact Us page.

Big Rideau Lake Results

The third event of the 2012 BAA season was held on Big Rideau Lake, July 28, 2012.

Congratulations to Mike Paquin and John Bevacqua for taking 1st place!
And a congratulations go out to Marc-Antoine and Frank Dufour for catching a 5.13lb largemouth for the Big Fish of the day.

The full results can be seen below.

Event 3 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
14Bevacqua / Paquin517.43 (typo edited)0
219Merrill / Campeau517.324.23
322Acheson / Banford517.050
48Thompson / Verhey515.834.91
57Dufour / Dufour515.625.13
616France / France515.494.17
729McRae / Brazeau515.14.66
814Lonsberry / Mitani514.054.94
93Champagne / Dallaire514.030
1025W. Riley / Labrecque5/413.73.5
112Sinnet / Pruys513.20
1227Laforest / Paiement513.140
1323Cox / Mihorean512.943.63
1420Barbary / Dafoe512.710
1521Navin / Navin512.480
1615Lefebvre / Lefebvre512.470
1710Lariviere / Mayotte512.040
1826Boyd / Johnson5/411.80
195Gill / Knowles511.640
209Hache / Lacroix5/411.580
2113Albert / Albert511.233.22
2224MacLennan / E. Riley511.094.05
2311Robertson / Ashcroft510.580
246McPhee / McPhee510.120
2518Pigeon / Clow59.860
2528Wylie / Eaton59.860
271Barber / Cadieux59.460
2812Decarie / Leduc22.720
2917Bell / McQuillan000
Average / Team12.23
Average / Fish2.59

Mississippi Lake Results

The second event of the 2012 BAA season was held on Mississippi Lake, July 14, 2012.

Congratulations to Tyler and Russell France for taking 1st place with a huge 18.23lb bag!
And a congratulations go out to John Bevacqua and Mike Paquin for catching a 4.99lb largemouth for the Big Fish prize of the day.

The full results can be seen below.

Event 2 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
116France / France5/418.234.2
24Bevacqua / Paquin516.444.99 *BF*
31Barber / Cadieux516.354.69
48Thompson / Verhey5/416.234.3
513Albert / Albert516.154.2
66McPhee / McPhee515.744.4
79Hache / Lacroix514.763.28
828Wylie / Eaton513.770
920Barbary / Dafoe513.740
1023Cox / Mihorean513.620
1124MacLennan / E. Riley513.220
1210Lariviere / Mayotte5/412.870
1325W. Riley / Labrecque5/412.843.67
1427Laforest / Paiement512.810
1512Decarie / Leduc512.760
1619Merrill / Campeau512.740
177Dufour / Dufour5/412.580
1822Acheson / Banford512.520
192Sinnett / Pruys512.40
2021Navin / Navin512.10
2026Boyd / Johnson512.13.21
2217Bell / McQuillan512.090
2311Robertson / Ashcroft512.020
243Champagne / Dallaire511.770
2514Lonsberry / Mitani511.622.82
2618Pigeon / Clow511.580
275Gill / Knowles510.760
2815Lefebvre / Lefebvre510.610
2929McRae / Brazeau5/49.530
Average / Team13.24
Average / Fish2.65

Muskrat Lake Results

The first event of the 2012 BAA season was held on Muskrat Lake, June 30, 2012.

Congratulations to Jamie and Sue Navin for taking 1st place with 17.58 pounds of bass on a hot and very windy day!
And a congratulations go out to Darren Lariviere and Geoff Mayotte for catching a 4.81 lb largemouth for the Big Fish prize of the day.

The full results can be seen below.

Event 1 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
121Navin / Navin517.584.66
215Lefebvre / Lefebvre5/416.884.72
37Dufour / Dufour516.824.3
422Acheson / Banford515.64
510Lariviere / Mayotte515.54.81 *BF*
64Bevacqua / Paquin515.264.06
71Barber / Cadieux5/415.223.85
823Cox / Mihorean514.89
918Pigeon / Clow514.783.48
1024MacLennan / E. Riley514.74
1111Robertson / Ashcroft514.684.14
1228Wylie / Eaton5/414.67
1327Laforest / Paiement5/414.42
1419Merrill / Campeau514.083.6
1512Decarie / Leduc513.944.3
163Champagne / Dallaire513.83.92
1720Barbary / Dafoe513.784.38
189Hache / Lacroix513.343.9
1925W. Riley / Labrecque512.93.25
2026Boyd / Johnson512.54
2117Bell / McQuillan512.3
226McPhee / McPhee511.11
235Gill / Knowles59.87
2413Albert / Albert4/39.68
258Thompson / Verhey59.4
2614Lonsberry / Mitani58.93
2729McRae / Brazeau23.42
282Sinnett / Pruys00
2816France / France00
Average / Team12.42
Average / Fish2.75