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2011 Classic Results – Big Rideau Lake

Here are the results of our two-day 2011 Classic at Big Rideau Lake, September 10 and 11, 2011.
Congratulations to the team of Mike Paquin and John Bevacqua for being consistent over the 2-day, 10-fish Classic tournament and pulling in a total of 31.30 lbs of fish, including the day-2 Big Fish prize with a 4.87 lb largemouth!
Congratulations to the second place team, Russell and Tyler France, for their two-day total of 28.27 lbs, and the third place team, Trevor Sinnett and Peter Barber, for their two-day total of 26.43 lbs.
Also, congratulations to Trent Gill and Kevin Knowles for their Day-1 Big Fish honours for weighing in a 4.70 lb largemouth!

Thanks to everyone who made BAA successful this year, and we hope to see all of you back next year for more fun, competition, and big fish!

Classic RankTeam #Team MembersDay 1 WeightDay 2 WeightTOTAL WEIGHTDay 1 Big FishDay 2 Big Fish
14John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin14.7816.5231.3004.87
216Russell France / Tyler France14.2913.9828.2703.77
32Trevor Sinnett / Peter Barber16.1510.2826.4300
415Claude Lefebvre / Greg Lehteniemi11.4413.0724.5100
521Jamie Navin / Sue Navin12.8111.4724.2800
610Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte12.7610.9423.7000
79Jim Hache / Ron Lacroix11.9711.2023.1703.52
83Scott Turner / Eric Pruys12.329.9422.2600
96Kevin McPhee / John McPhee10.8211.3922.2103.67
105Trent Gill / Kevin Knowles14.797.2021.994.700
1120Tyler Barbary / Olivier Bibeau9.0612.6121.6700
128Tim Thompson / Rob Lafleur7.029.5716.5900
137Frank Dufour / Marc-Antoine Dufour7.956.7714.7200
1413Peter Riley / Mike Nesbitt8.615.7614.3700
1522Scott Acheson / Cory Banford10.010.0010.0100
1619Mike Merrill / Fern Campeau8.960.008.9600
171Steve Olthof / Jordan Palleck5.240.005.2400
1817Jim Bell / Gary McQuillan5.130.005.1300
1911Jake Hartley / Spencer Martin0.000.000.0000
1912Rejean Decarie / Mitchell Laughlin0.000.000.0000
1914Jordan Goodfellow / Marc Cadieux0.000.000.0000
1918Matt Pigeon / Richard Bergeron0.000.000.0000

Team 22 – Team Of The Year!

Congratulations to the team of Scott Acheson and Cory Banford for achieving TEAM OF THE YEAR honours for 2011. Their excellent sportsmanship and help to other members also cannot be overlooked – thanks for taking the time to help others with engine/boat problems throughout the year. Also, thanks for running the blast-offs!

Their total Team Of The Year weight was a whopping 51.89 lbs (4 events, average = 12.97lbs/event) and their overall 5-event weight was a stunning 61.05lbs, for an average of 12.21lbs/event, and 3.05lbs/fish overall.


See full TOY standings below. This weight is calculated by dropping the single lowest weight for each team.

RankTeam #Team MembersOverall
TOY Weight (drop lowest)
122Scott Acheson / Cory Banford61.0551.89
220Tyler Barbary / Olivier Bibeau58.2949.16
35Trent Gill / Kevin Knowles56.1248.7
44John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin51.4944.96
410Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte51.2844.96
621Jamie Navin / Sue Navin51.9444.65
715Claude Lefebvre / Greg Lehteniemi50.7844.37
819Mike Merrill / Fern Campeau50.5243.17
96Kevin McPhee / John McPhee51.4242.54
1012Rejean Decarie / Mitchell Laughlin42.0142.01
113Scott Turner / Eric Pruys50.0141.67
1216Russell France / Tyler France45.3839.08
137Frank Dufour / Marc-Antoine Dufour45.6637.7
1414Jordan Goodfellow / Marc Cadieux44.5537.53
1513Peter Riley / Mike Nesbitt44.0237.33
169Jim Hache / Ron Lacroix41.6836.67
1717Jim Bell / Gary McQuillan36.336.3
182Trevor Sinnett / Peter Barber42.9136.09
198Tim Thompson / Rob Lafleur39.9135.86
201Steve Olthof / Jordan Palleck33.7533.75
2111Jake Hartley / Spencer Martin33.4428.86
2218Matt Pigeon / Richard Bergeron22.4122.41

2011 Event 5 – Newboro Lake Results

Here are the results of Event 5 at Newboro Lake, August 27, 2011.
Congratulations to Tyler Barbary and Olivier Bibeau for winning the day with 13.31 lbs on 4 fish, and a Big Fish honour with a 4.50 largemouth. Way to go guys!

Event 5 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
120Tyler Barbary / Olivier Bibeau413.314.5
222Scott Acheson / Cory Banford412.314.36
36Kevin McPhee / John McPhee411.483.48
421Jamie Navin / Sue Navin411.30
53Scott Turner / Eric Pruys411.153.7
64John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin410.540
75Trent Gill / Kevin Knowles410.330
815Claude Lefebvre / Greg Lehteniemi410.093.06
917Jim Bell / Gary McQuillan49.510
1010Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte49.330
117Frank Dufour / Marc-Antoine Dufour48.520
1216Russell France / Tyler France48.510
1314Jordan Goodfellow / Marc Cadieux48.493.39
142Trevor Sinnett / Peter Barber47.982.74
1519Mike Merrill / Fern Campeau47.352.48
1613Peter Riley / Mike Nesbitt47.190
171Steve Olthof / Jordan Palleck45.710
1811Jake Hartley / Spencer Martin45.350
199Jim Hache / Ron Lacroix45.010
208Tim Thompson / Rob Lafleur34.050
2112Rejean Decarie / Mitchell Laughlin000
2118Matt Pigeon / Richard Bergeron000
Average / Team8.068636364
Average / Fish2.246962025

2011 Event 4 – Muskrat Lake Results

Here are the results of Event 4 at Muskrat Lake, August 13, 2011.
Congratulations to Scott Acheson and Cory Banford for a winning weight of 16.20 lbs on 4 fish (and for catching a sturgeon in the process!).  Also congrats to Trent Gill and Kevin Knowles for a Big Fish with a 5.25 lb largemouth!

Event 4 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
122Scott Acheson / Cory Banford416.205.12
220Tyler Barbary / Olivier Bibeau414.724.94
310Darren Lariviere / Geoff Mayotte413.380
412Rejean Decarie / Mitchell Laughlin413.320
55Trent Gill / Kevin Knowles413.005.25
69Jim Hache / Ron Lacroix412.404.22
714Jordan Goodfellow / Marc Cadieux411.460
811Jake Hartley / Spencer Martin411.304.23
913Peter Riley / Mike Nesbitt411.200
1016Russell France / Tyler France411.100
116Kevin McPhee / John McPhee410.740
123Scott Turner / Eric Pruys410.730
1321Jamie Navin / Sue Navin410.320
1419Mike Merrill / Fern Campeau410.210
1515Claude Lefebvre / Greg Lehteniemi410.110
162Trevor Sinnett / Peter Barber49.600
177Frank Dufour / Marc-Antoine Dufour38.283.28
184John Bevacqua / Mike Paquin26.533.46
1917Jim Bell / Gary McQuillan36.500
208Tim Thompson / Rob Lafleur25.520
2118Matt Pigeon / Richard Bergeron23.530
221Steve Olthof / Jordan Palleck00.000
Average / Team10.01
Average / Fish2.90