2017 Teams List

BAA is pleased to announce the current list of registered teams for the 2017 season!  We’ve expanded!

To fill one of the remaining spots, please contact us using the Contact Us link in the menu.

Team NumberAngler 1Angler 2
1Peter BarberStephanie Landry
2Trevor SinnetFern Campeau
3Chad McNamaraSteve Knowles
4John BevacquaJim Bell
5Jim FraserChris Fraser
6Kevin McPheeJohn McPhee
7Peter RileyEric Pruys
8Troy HelmerKevin Helmer
9Shawn ParksBob Sell
10Steve OlthofMatthew Olthof
11Mike BedardRyan Parson
12Todd BuchananSonny Edwards
13Rick DolgowiczRandy Stoddard
14James LalondeJustin Selleck
15Claude LefebvreDeanna Lefebvre
16Dave BensonRay Dicaire
17Scott TurnerChris Gates
18MarcAntoine DufourRick Ozga
19Dylan LambertPat Lambert
20Josh WilsonJosh Popplewell
21Konrad BinderPat Fortin
22Andy Dafoe
23Ryan ClairmontKristian Laanemets
24Brian WilsonShawn Wilson
25Donald AlbertMicheline Albert
26Charles DobsonClayton Dobson
27Pierre LeducBernie Bedard
28Steve CoxDylan Cox
29Jim PatroisChad Robillard
30Bobby BirdDave Goodes
31Ted CameronAl Raymond
32Jamie NavinJosh Navin
33Kyle HealeyDan Healey
34Jason BilowDon Bilow
35Sean ErvinAdam Meraw
36Shawn DillaboughLarry Cardinal
37Scott CookRob Barkley

2017 Substitute Anglers

BAA is providing the list below as a resource for our members who may need a substitute or a full-time partner for one or more events this season.  The people in the table below can be contacted on your behalf through the Contact Us form! If you are not a BAA member but would like your name added to this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and request it.

Angler NameBoater/Non-Boater
Matthew PeatNon-boater
Jordan GoodfellowNon-boater
Marc CadieuxNon-boater
Jake HartleyNon-boater
Lee McGuireNon-boater

2017 classic vote result

The returning members have voted, and the results are as follows:

White Lake – 13

Newboro Lake – 2

Muskrat Lake – 12

As a result, our classic will be held at White Lake!

We’re back!

After some technical glitches and other fun stuff including moving web hosts, we are back.

The Contact Us form now works if you need to contact us for anything.

Our schedule has been posted to the right side of this page. Alternatively, you can click here for our 2017 Season Calendar.

In the coming weeks we will be emailing 2016 members with the details about our upcoming meeting and deadline for payment of fees.

Prospective members – email us (via Contact Us form above!) to get on the waiting list!

2016 Classic – Big Rideau Lake Results

The 2016 Bass Anglers Association season wrapped up this past weekend – September 10 & 11th, 2016, on Big Rideau Lake for the 2-day Classic event.
Weather patterns played a big role in the results, as Saturday was summer-like, with a light breeze and high temperatures. On Saturday night, the region was hit with a major cold front which brought heavy rains and one amazing lightning show for those staying on the lake. Sunday’s winds and colder temperatures changed a lot of the patterns for anglers in the event, but some were able to capitalize and place in the money.

A big congratulations goes out to the team of John Bevacqua and Jim Bell, who brought in 19.46lb on day 1, followed by 15.71lb on day 2, for a winning total of 35.17lb.
In second was the team of Jamie and Josh Navin, who were very consistent throughout the weekend, bringing in 16.33lbs on day 1, followed by 16.23lbs on day 2, for a total of 32.56lb.
Third place belonged to Rick Doglowicz and Randy Stoddard, who were able to bring in a big 19.13lb sack on day 1, and hang on to win some money with 12.52lb on day 2, for a total of 31.66lb.
In fourth place were last years’ Classic champions, Chris and Brad Crook, who brought in 16.32lb on day 1, and 14.54lb on day 2 – with a penalty costing them 3rd place. Tough break! Their total weight was 31.36lb for the weekend.

Big Fish on Day 1 belonged to Deanna Lefebvre, who landed a beautiful 5.42lb largemouth! Congrats Deanna!
Day 2 big fish was caught by the team of Patrick Wylie and Eddie Nicholas, who brought a nice 5.30lb largemouth to the scales. Nice fish guys!

Full results can be seen below (the table can be sorted by column by clicking on its header, and the table may also have a horizontal scrolling feature for smaller/mobile screens).

We hope to see all competitors back next season for another great year!

Classic RankTeam #Team MembersDay 1 # of FishDay 1 WeightDay 1 Big FishDay 2 # of FishDay 2 WeightDay 2 Big FishTOTAL WEIGHT
14Bevacqua / Bell519.464.75515.7135.17
232Navin / Navin516.33516.2332.56
313Dolgowicz / Stoddard519.134.98512.5331.66
426Crook / Crook516.324.345/414.5430.86
56McPhee / McPhee515.39515.1230.51
616Young / Benson514.963.41515.443.5030.4
715Lefebvre / Lefebvre518.855.42 *BF*511.3330.18
824Wilson / Wilson514.04515.094.0429.13
97Riley / Pruys516.92512.193.3029.11
1022Brisson / Reardon515.05513.8228.87
1117Wylie / Nicholas510.92517.555.30 *BF*28.47
122Sinnet / Haley514.72513.6128.33
131Barber / Lacroix517.14.81510.227.3
1431Cameron / Raymond516.164.86510.994.5927.15
1529Patrois / Robillard516.77510.0126.78
1620Wilson / Popplewell513.37512.9526.32
178Helmer / Helmer513.573.49512.23.0125.77
1819France / France515.8159.7225.53
1927Leduc / Bedard510.85514.1725.02
209Parks / Sell511.91512.3524.26
2112Buchanan / Edwards511.75510.5922.34
2225Albert / Albert514.153.8157.8221.97
2314Lalonde / Selleck59.24511.0520.29
2411Bedard / Parson513.893.7525.043.7718.93
2510Lariviere / Mayotte513.670013.67
265Fraser / Fraser513.180013.18
2721Lapensee / Brine512.20012.2
2823Clairmont / Laanemets511.453.250011.45
2928Sellars / Jackson511.020011.02
3030Bird / Keuhn510.920010.92
313McNamara / Knowles59.75009.75
3218Dufour / Dufour00000
Average / Team13.719.3823.1
Average / Fish2.832.572.72

2016 Event 6 – Mississippi Lake Results

The final regular-season event of the 2016 BAA season was held on Saturday, August 27, 2016, on Mississippi Lake. The winners were Wylie / Nicholas with a nice 16.89lb bag of bass, anchored by the “Big bass of the day” at 4.62lbs. Nice job!

Full results can be seen below. See you all at the Classic on Big Rideau – September 10/11, 2016. Times are 7am–4pm day-1, and 7am-3pm on day-2.

Event 6 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
117Wylie / Nicholas516.894.62 *BF*
210Lariviere / Mayotte516.083.93
313Dolgowicz / Stoddard514.813.80
424Wilson / Wilson513.103.43
512Buchanan / Edwards512.862.97
616Young / Benson5/412.843.00
729Patrois / Robillard512.38
826Crook / Crook512.27
921Lapensee / Brine511.96
102Sinnet / Haley511.84
118Helmer / Helmer511.65
123McNamara / Knowles511.63
131Barber / Lacroix511.52
144Bevacqua / Bell511.39
1520Wilson / Popplewell510.85
1632Navin / Navin510.35
1730Bird / Keuhn510.303.39
1815Lefebvre / Lefebvre510.23
1928Sellars / Jackson59.823.24
206McPhee / McPhee59.13
217Riley / Pruys58.91
2225Albert / Albert48.52
2322Brisson / Reardon58.06
2414Lalonde / Selleck56.86
2531Cameron / Raymond46.81
2611Bedard / Parson22.63
275Fraser / Fraser00.00
279Parks / Sell00.00
2718Dufour / Dufour00.00
2719France / France00.00
2723Clairmont / Laanemets00.00
2727Leduc / Bedard00.00
Average / Team8.87
Average / Fish1.77

2016 Event 5 – Muskrat Lake Results

The 5th event of the 2016 BAA Season took place on Muskrat Lake on August 13 under very rainy conditions! BAA would like to congratulate the team of Young and Benson, who weighed in 18.37lbs on 5 bass. Congrats guys!
Big Fish honours of the day go to the team of Doglowicz and Stoddard with a 4.62lb bass.

Full results can be seen below.

Event 5 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
116Young / Benson518.374.49
211Bedard / Parson518.254.27
313Dolgowicz / Stoddard517.444.62 *BF*
432Navin / Navin517.024.22
529Patrois / Robillard516.874.20
68Helmer / Helmer516.544.54
73McNamara / Knowles5/416.060.00
84Bevacqua / Bell515.554.18
922Brisson / Reardon515.053.73
101Barber / Lacroix514.723.80
1117Wylie / Nicholas514.354.49
1218Dufour / Dufour514.270.00
135Fraser / Fraser513.853.67
1412Buchanan / Edwards513.653.51
1525Albert / Albert513.413.64
1627Leduc / Bedard513.353.75
1710Lariviere / Mayotte512.600.00
1815Lefebvre / Lefebvre511.893.52
199Parks / Sell511.070.00
2014Lalonde / Selleck510.853.75
2121Lapensee / Brine37.560.00
2220Wilson / Popplewell35.713.50
2331Cameron / Raymond24.180.00
247Riley / Pruys23.520.00
2523Clairmont / Laanemets12.350.00
262Sinnet / Haley00.000.00
266McPhee / McPhee00.000.00
2619France / France00.000.00
2624Wilson / Wilson00.000.00
2626Crook / Crook00.000.00
2628Sellars / Jackson00.000.00
2630Bird / Keuhn00.000.00
Average / Team9.95
Average / Fish2.87

2016 Event 4 – Rideau River (Taylor Park) Results

The 4th event of the 2016 BAA season was held on the Rideau River out of the W.A. Taylor Conservation Launch, on June 30, 2016. The event was highlighted by a great crowd at the weigh-in and some good sized bass brought to the scales.
BAA would like to congratulate Josh Wilson and Josh Popplewell for weighing in the biggest bag of bass, at 17.63lbs.
BAA would also like to congratulate Adam Lapensee and Cody Brine, for weighing in the biggest bass of the day, at 4.93lbs.
Great job everyone!

Full results can be seen below.

Event 4 RankTeam #Team Members# of FishWeightBig Fish
120Wilson / Popplewell5/417.634.33
22Sinnet / Haley514.673.85
321Lapensee / Brine5/414.574.93 *BF*
426Crook / Crook514.213.15
516Young / Benson513.683.09
64Bevacqua / Bell513.563.00
76McPhee / McPhee513.553.12
87Riley / Pruys513.213.22
917Wylie / Nicholas513.050.00
1013Dolgowicz / Stoddard512.642.93
1122Brisson / Reardon5/412.423.15
1224Wilson / Wilson512.123.25
1314Lalonde / Selleck511.323.84
143McNamara / Knowles511.240.00
159Parks / Sell511.110.00
1612Buchanan / Edwards510.953.01
1727Leduc / Bedard59.040.00
181Barber / Lacroix5/48.810.00
198Helmer / Helmer58.390.00
2032Navin / Navin48.280.00
2128Sellars / Jackson56.150.00
2215Lefebvre / Lefebvre45.980.00
2329Patrois / Robillard3/15.033.06
2411Bedard / Parson34.870.00
2530Bird / Keuhn12.920.00
2631Cameron / Raymond22.880.00
275Fraser / Fraser00.000.00
2710Lariviere / Mayotte00.000.00
2718Dufour / Dufour00.000.00
2719France / France00.000.00
2723Clairmont / Laanemets00.000.00
2725Albert / Albert00.000.00
Average / Team8.51
Average / Fish1.70